My name is Steph and I'm living in San Francisco, where I was born and raised. While spending forever years in this city, I've had my fair share of dressing in layers to withstand the colder months, but also embracing the heatwaves in the bare minimum. I get dressed according to my mood, the weather, and inspirations that I come across whether it be music, photography, design, or art. With style, I’ve always believed that it’s not about what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it. That’s what I find intriguing about style because it’s personal yet unique to each individual. With that said, this blog is not only a creative outlet for me, but a platform where I can share what I love and what inspires me, while hopefully inspiring others along the way. Thanks for stopping by! Xx Steph

To contact, please email me at: Currentlylusting@gmail.com or via my contact page.