Although the weather in this city doesn't change drastically each season, I still love incorporating Summer pieces with my essential Fall staples. As of right now, I've been pairing all of my shorts and skirts with sweaters while still managing to keep warm. Turtlenecks have been my go-to lately and they're slowly taking over my wardrobe, but I don't mind at all. I love the scarf-sweater concept of a turtleneck and how it does indeed keep me that much warmer. I have a few more weeks until I'm forced to retire my bare legs for the season. Which reminds me, November is almost over. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the next thing you know, it's Christmas! Well, I'll be spending Thanksgiving this year enjoying a full on home-cooked feast with my loved ones. What are you guys up to? I hope you all have a warm and enjoyable Thanksgiving! :)