Zara shirt, Current Elliot jacket, Zara shorts, and Adidas sneakers

Happy 2015! I hope you enjoyed celebrating with family and friends either watching the fireworks or enjoying a night of escapades. I'm usually not too keen on celebrating New Year's Eve so this year was spent at home with some champs, mainly due to a cold. I've been a bit MIA while recovering from this cold, hence the lack of posts (sorry!). Just as I thought I was feeling better, I was wrong. Anyhow, I'm hoping to recover by this weekend so I can run errands, pack and prep for NY. I'm incredibly excited to revisit my favorite eateries and to be surrounded by the constant energy NY has to offer. I'll try to compile photos of my adventures out there, but you can always follow me here to keep up with my whereabouts. Have a great weekend! Xx