Zara jacket, Theory tee, Rag & Bone jeans, Coach bag c/o, and Nike shoes

As much as I love white, I’m always hesitant about choosing white over other colors, or black—the usual. I’m not sure if this is just my issue, but whenever I wear or own anything in white, more times than not, I’ll end up ruining it somehow. Does anyone else relate? This being said I’ve always wanted to own a white bag. However, the thought of possibly messing it up didn’t sit well with me and there’s none that ever quite caught my eye until this one came along.

With this Coach bag, I wasn’t as nervous to commit because I swore to be extra careful with it. Since details are something I take note of early on, I was initially drawn to the gunmetal chain. The gunmetal gives the white bag a nice color contrast. I absolutely love the simplicity of this bag and that it can easily be worn a few ways. Wear it as a crossbody or loop it twice as a shoulder bag. My favorite part about this bag is definitely the built-in coin pouch. For someone that only carries a card case, I tend to end up with extra change in my hands quite often, but this solves the problem. In fact, it’s large enough to also hold my cards and such too. I'm now convinced every bag should come with a built-in coin case. It makes life that much easier and it’s the little things in life that I appreciate.