Where do I even begin..? Well, I've had my eye on these cut-out boots a few years back and they have been on my list since. You know, the list where you continue adding one item at a time convincing yourself that you don't just want the item, but you need it. Although I knew that I would some day acquire these boots and add them to my wardrobe, I didn't think it would be under such circumstances. I didn't pull the trigger quite yet until it was confirmed to me that these beauties are no longer being produced since Nicolas Ghesquière is no longer the Creative Director of Balenciaga because A. Wang took on the lead. That's when it was a do or die situation and I decided to gift these to myself as an early Birthday present. These are definitely a staple item that fit right into my wardrobe, like a glove. Besides, no one likes that awful feeling of missing out on a "should have" item that'll only end up haunting you in your dreams. I sure don't, do you? Get yours here, now. You'll thank me later.